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Asset Management

Executing rigorous, not rigid investment management

Executing rigorous, not rigid investment management

Disciplined investment strategies are the foundation of our investment management process. We use model allocations to fund your unique goals based on your minimum level of acceptable risk. Since we are not required to use specific products, we research multiple investment options and then recommend the appropriate allocation and portfolio for you.

Our process is based upon the following key tenants:

  • Repeatable investment process
  • Goals-driven
  • Independence.  We are not beholden to use any particular managers or products
  • Competitive, straightforward costs
  • Agile

Information into Insight

What are the proper investments that you should consider? What are the asset classes that you should be involved with (or stay away from)?

Good questions. At Owenby Jones, we challenge and validate our internal knowledge with external sources of information and experience. Accordingly, we consult our own proprietary research, third party broker-dealer research, as well as information from LPL Financial and other strategic partners in the industry. In this way, we ensure the currency, relevancy and suitability of our recommendations on prudent investment choices and asset classes.



Our focus is on the long-term productivity of our clients’ portfolios. We do not attempt to time the markets. We do believe in building an appropriate allocation, based on the client’s characteristics such as age, risk tolerance, time frame and portfolio objectives.

Diversification is a key component employed in our investment selection and asset allocation. We extensively screen and select investments that integrate to minimize overlap, so that their holdings complement their respective investment styles. Then we select the most appropriate for each sector of the portfolio, helping ensure that we never place too great a percentage of the portfolio in the hands of any one strategy or investment vehicle.

There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit against a loss.


We believe in a transparent approach to planning, investing and relationships. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our clients 24/7 access to their portfolio and its “real time” performance through our Wealth Management dashboard. With this, and unparalleled access to your financial advisor team, you will always know the current state of affairs. We never act on your behalf without your express approval.

But we don’t just believe in transparency. We also believe in holding ourselves accountable. While we can’t predict the market or the performance of any given investment (no one can), we maintain the integrity of our efforts by:


to the higher standards of a fiduciary on all our clients’ assets


state-of-the-art technology like our Monte Carlo tool to challenge and test our assumptions and experience


our performance across key quantifiable metrics such as the Family Index Number (FIN) and our Capture Ratio (a statistical measurement of investment performance in up-markets)



We believe that a client should undertake no more risk than he/she is comfortable with and is required to establish their financial goals and objectives. Therefore, we monitor all investments in terms of individuals’ risk tolerance and investment performance to help ensure that they remain aligned with long- and short-term goals.



We do not chase returns and have a disciplined approach to managing assets. We will never move into an investment or asset class simply because it is the latest of interest in the financial markets. We prefer to ensure that investments and asset classes are appropriate for our clients prior to adding them tour portfolio.

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